Post-Brexit there is an upsurge of sponsor licence requirements across the UK. Any employer in the UK who is looking for skilled foreign nationals to work for their business or company in the UK must necessarily have a sponsor licence to induct non-UK, EEA or EU nationals, including nationals from Norway and Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein.

Certain exempted categories are also specified where the UK employer doesn’t need a sponsor licence

  1. The individuals who have Indefinite leave to remain
  2. The individuals who have Irish citizenship
  3. The individuals who were already settled in the UK under the EU settlement scheme.

Route to get a  Sponsor Licence? 

  1. Every employer should check the eligibility to apply for a sponsor licence:

The employer cannot get a license if the older licence has been retracted for 12 months. Also, there should be no criminal charges for immigration-related offences or frauds in the name of the employer.

  1. Secondly, Choosing the right licence depending upon the type of worker you are hiring. The 2 broad categories in this are
  • Temporary workers’- for short term job offers
  • Workers’- for long term job offers
  1. Thirdly, it is also important for employers to have a dedicated person to manage the licence or sponsorship within the business. This could be any senior authorised officer in the business who will be a representative. A prime contact who will be in touch with UKVI for application. And one Level1 user for day-to-day management.
  2. Application fee payment and submission. The employer can either directly apply or can go through an expert UK immigration lawyer.

Ratings of your sponsor licence 

If the employer’s application is successfully reviewed and approved, the employer will be issued a licence rating. There are two types of ratings

  • A-rating- if you meeting all the sponsor duties. You will also be able to issue CoS(Certificate of Sponsorship)
  • B-rating- if you don’t meet the necessary sponsor duties

The sponsor licence’s validity is 5 years from the date of issue. 

Worker’s licence- for long term job 

To hire individuals for a long term job may require you to consider the following categories with which individuals can apply for a suitable job offered by the employer. 

Skilled Worker visa

If you are a skilled worker and have got a job for a UK employer, this visa might be for you.

The employer must endorse a sponsorship agreement for such skilled individuals. The minimum salary under this visa is £25,600 per year and lets you hire the individual for five years.

Other eligibility requirements include proficiency in English and the job description under the suitable occupational list. 

Intra-company Transfer Visa

Formally called Tier 2 (Intra-company Transfer) Long-term Staff visa. The Intra-company Transfer visa allows employees to relocate from a company’s overseas office to the UK office or branch. Besides, you must possess a skilled worker visa to have this visa. A certificate of sponsorship from the employer to prove that you can relocate and start working in the UK. This visa further has two categories:

  • Long-term staff.
  • Graduate trainee –for graduate training programmes for specialist roles. This visa can help you work for 12 months.
  • The minimum salary for long erm staff to be paid is at least £41,500
  • At least £23,000 for a Graduate Trainee visa

Minister of Religion Visa

UK employers can also hire individuals to work for a religious organisation.

The employer will be able to induct them for 2 years on this visa.

Sportsperson Visa

Skilled sportspersons or elite coaches or can be hired by the employer for up to 2 years.

 Temporary workers licence

  • Charity worker – up to 1 years for unpaid charity workers
  • Creative worker – up to 2 years for artists and 1 year for an elite sportsperson and Seasonal worker – up to 6 months for seasonal work
  • International Agreement worker – workers coming to do a job which is covered under international law
  • Religious worker – 2 years for working in a religious organisation
  • Government Authorised Exchange worker – 1 year of work experience, research & training, 2 years for scientific or medical training.

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