Sri Lanka news: Sri Lanka is in the midst of the worst economic turmoil in its history since Independence in 1948. The nation with a population of 22 million drained its fuel reserves this week, resulting in an extreme power shortage. The financial crisis caused by a weak foreign exchange reserve has led to protests against the government throughout the country, with some of which have turned violent. The coalition government has lost its majority support in the Parliament. Follow for updates live regarding what’s happening in the Sri Lanka crisis.

Sri Lankan doctors join protests against the government

Sri Lankan doctors said they will organize a demonstration in the capital city of commerce Colombo on Wednesday, as hospitals are running out of essential medicines due to the worst economic crisis in Sri Lanka in a long time and the government called for peace.

People have been experiencing energy shortages, shortages of fuel, and food essentials for weeks. doctors believe that the entire health system is now at risk of collapse. (Reuters)

As the protests against the government intensify and president Gotabaya is refusing to take a step back

«President Gotabaya Rajapaksa will not resign under any circumstances, we will face this,» chief whip minister Johnston Fernando has informed Parliament.

42 Sri Lankan govt members to be able to function on their own

The government of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) on Tuesday was able to keep a simple majority in the Parliament. There are 114 MPs who are on its side, which includes those who were previously transferred with the ruling government. Its Sri Lanka Parliament has 225 seats.

Following the quick rejection of the President’s idea by the SJB and the TNA and the JJB comprised of more than 67 members, officials claimed that they were not in a position to come to an agreement on how best to tackle the issues in front of them.

Forty-two members of the government belonging to various political parties that are part of the SLPP coalition announced that they would operate independently. The SLPP parliamentarian group was initially comprised of 145 appointed and elected MPs. A few other MPs shifted to the group later on.

Sri Lanka economic crisis | President Rajapaksa cancels the emergency

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa late on Tuesday night lifted the emergency which he declared on April 1, with immediate effect. It was President Rajapaksa has declared a state of emergency in the midst of widespread protests against the most severe economic crisis in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is undergoing the biggest economic turmoil in its history since Independence from 1948. The country of 22 million people ran out of its diesel supply this week, which led to an extreme power shortage. The economic downturn triggered by a weak reserve of foreign exchange has led to protests across the country, with some that have escalated into violence. The coalition government has lost majority support in the Parliament.

Famous personalities, such as the cricket greats Sanath Jayasurya or Kumara Sangakkara have joined in protests against the current government.

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