Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday pledged to perform a sustained campaign against blasphemy across the world while regretting that “political and religious parties, unfortunately, misuse Islam, which harms our country “.

Addressing the ground-breaking ceremony of the Margalla Avenue project in Islamabad, the premier said the western world is least affected by the protests taking devote Pakistan.

“We’re just harming ourselves,” the prime minister said.

Instead, he vowed to perform a plan against the kind of profane content that triggered nationwide protests in recent days, resulting in casualties and many injuries.

The prime minister noted that Pakistan was founded on the foundation of Islam.

“I wish to make clear that we love our Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). I haven’t regarded as much affection and respect for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in just about any country other than Pakistan,” the premier stressed.

“All of us have the same goal, but it is just a pity that lots of times, our love [for the Holy Prophet (PBUH)] is misused. Does the government not care about [this issue]? Do we not suffer when our Prophet’s (PBUH) honour is insulted? Who decides this? Has anyone torn out another’s heart out to see who loves the Prophet (PBUH) more?” the prime minister asked rhetorically.

“Whenever we misuse this [sentiment], we’re not doing any benefit to your religion. It’s resulting in crime in the country. This doesn’t harm them [the blasphemers]. It harms our own country,” he said.

“I promise the nation that when there’s anyone who’ll run a global campaign on this issue, it’s me. This campaign has already been underway. We provide the heads of the Muslim countries together and present our case in the United Nations and the European Union to be able to be heard effectively,” the prime minister pledged.

“Our campaign will make a difference. At some point, people in the West will think before insulting the honour of our Prophet (PBUH),” he added.

PM Imran stressed that this kind of campaign is the only long-lasting solution. That may stop western nations from harming the sentiments of Muslims around the world.

“Destruction [of public and private property] in our own country is no answer to the solution. The West doesn’t care. We’re harming our own country,” he said.


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