More than 130 passengers were aboard the Boeing 737-800 when it went down in the southern part of China. There was no information available regarding casualties or the reason for the crash.

Right now, the China Eastern plane that crashed was the Boeing 737-800.

Here’s what you must be aware of:

  • The situation regarding casualties is in the dark.›
  • China Eastern has not had an accident that killed anyone in the last the past 18 years.
  • The shares from Boeing as well as China Eastern Airlines decline after the crash of the plane.
  • China’s air safety record is good, following an uneasy time.

The situation regarding casualties is in the dark.›

China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 planes in Taiyuan, China, in 2014.Credit…Jon Woo/Reuters

A plane carrying more than 130 passengers on board crashed early on Monday in the southern part of China. The Civil Aviation Administration of China confirmed that it had crashed, prompting rescue workers in a rush for the rocky site, which is heavily wooded, hoping to find survivors.

The Boeing 737 plane, operated by China Eastern Airlines, went down in the Guangxi region. Flames and smoke were seen rising from the hillside in the first Chinese reports claimed in the images and videos uploaded by the witnesses. The fire was put out on Monday.

«The situation regarding casualties is uncertain,» said an online report published by Chinese state-owned television.

Residents of the area informed journalists that the aircraft seemed to have crashed into pieces which stifled the hopes of finding any survivors.

Initial reports indicated that Flight 535 crashed into Teng County in Guangxi while traveling from Kunming, a city located in southwest China in southwest China, to Guangzhou, a city located in the country’s extreme south. This plane carried 132 passengers comprising 123 passengers and nine crew members, in the words of the civil aviation authority. The state media initially reported that there were 133 people aboard the plane.

China’s most powerful chief, Xi Jinping, quickly issued a call to rescuers to take all measures to «handle this aftermath responsibly way.» In the aftermath, the Chinese central government sent officials to the scene to handle the tragedy and investigate the cause.

«Ensure absolute security for the civil aviation industry,» Mr. Xi declared in his guidelines.

Officials from China have sent nearly 1,000 firefighters and 100 members of local militia members to assist in rescuing the spot. According to Guangxi’s department of fire, 117 emergency staff and around twenty fire engines have arrived at the scene.

The plane, about 7 years of age, was moving steadily during the flight until it suddenly lost altitude shortly after 2:20 p.m. The flight information was revealed.

It was one of the Boeing 737 Max, a model that hasn’t been able to resume flying in China after a ban was issued by the deaths of two accidents in Indonesia last year and Ethiopia in the year 2019. However, Chinese airlines have started placing more orders on the Max following Chinese aviation officials announced late in 2018 that the model may return to flying once they have introduced specific safety and modification measures.

The accident could be one of China’s biggest air catastrophes in the past few years, following a series of fatal accidents during the 1990s. China has built a safe air safety record in the last two decades thanks to a fleet of young aircraft and tighter air control.

The firefighters working in Teng County were first alerted to a potential flight accident that afternoon after villagers told them they’d found debris left behind by a plane, The China News Service reported.

The China Eastern plane that crashed was a Boeing 737-800.

Hector Retamal/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Beijing: The plane that was destroyed on Monday in the south of China was the Boeing 737-800, one of the most popular aircraft used by airlines worldwide, with a proven safety record.

This model belongs to the Boeing Next-Generation line of narrow-body jets with the capacity to travel over three thousand miles. However, they are typically utilized on smaller routes.

It’s an old version. Some airlines were moving to the 737-Max, a contemporary narrow-body plane. This model was for a time grounded across the world after two crashed about four years ago.

The 737-Max has been widely criticized following a crash in Indonesia in the latter part of 2018, and another crash occurred in Ethiopia. It was grounded worldwide after the second crash. Max was grounded across the globe following the second crash in March of 2019. Boeing made some modifications to the Max before it was again approved for commercial use in most countries just 20 months later.

China was a bit more patient than most nations to allow the 737-Max aircraft to fly again, but it took a while. China’s aviation regulators approved in the early months of December. They demanded Chinese airlines prove they had made all Boeing’s changes before they could begin operating them on commercial routes.

Chinese airlines have implemented these modifications and are testing the planes, which means the 737-Max isn’t yet operational in mainland China according to David Yu, a finance professor specializing in aviation on New York University’s Shanghai campus at New York University.

In January the year last, Boeing has agreed to pay more than $2.5 billion in fines in the Justice Department to resolve a criminal case that claimed the company was involved in a scheme to fraud an agency called the Federal Aviation Administration, which oversees Boeing and reviews its aircraft.

The criminal charges against the company focused on the acts. Two of its employees failed to divulge information to the F.A.A. about the changes made to the computer software used on the 737-Max. The software was later linked to both crashes.

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