Denmark became the first European country on Wednesday to tell it is suspending the utilization of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine after a few cases of serious side effects were reported earlier.

Despite recommendations from the World Health Organization and European remedies watchdog to keep utilising the inoculation, “Denmark’s vaccination campaign should go ahead with no AstraZeneca vaccine,” Health Authority director Soren Brostrom told a press conference.

Denmark was the initial place in Europe to suspend the utilization of the AstraZeneca jab in its vaccination rollout, following reports of rare but significant instances of blood clots among those that had received the vaccine.

More than a dozen places followed suit, but all but a couple of have because resumed the employment following the American Drugs Agency (EMA) emphasised the advantages of the vaccine and deemed it “safe and effective “.

Denmark had, however, continued to keep off utilising the vaccine as it conducted investigations of its own.

In Denmark, two cases of thrombosis, certainly fatal, were connected to vaccinations after a lot more than 140,000 people received the jab produced by the Anglo-Swedish drugmaker.

In the united kingdom, of 5.8 million inhabitants, 8% have now been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and 17% have received the first dose.

Since suspending the utilization of the AstraZeneca jab in March, Denmark has continued with the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna jabs.

The AstraZeneca suspension delays the country’s ambitious vaccine rollout plans. Still, the medical authority said in a statement that the availability of other vaccines with the pandemic being in order at the moment meant the inoculation campaign could continue without it.


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