Eager English Pakistani individuals quarantining at Radisson Blu Edwardian Lodge near Heathrow Airport have protested around having fewer features, especially the regular provision of food during quick timings.

They assembled at the web site reserved for outdoors, worrying about non-provision of meals during the time of Sehri and Iftar and not being able to get three meals per day as guaranteed.

Basic human rights

Hasnain Sheikh, who spoke with respect about 19 Pakistani people, defined the dreadful situation at the hotel in a video message.

“It’s a simple individual rights issue. People haven’t received food for the three dinners that have been contractually considered presented to the families. The food that’s been delivered has not been on time. Moreover, we are in the midst of the Holy Month of Ramadan. You will find individuals who have fasted without receiving any food at all,” Shiekh lamented.

He regretted that the youngsters at the quarantine centre were provided cold food while others complained of food poisoning.

Multiple other issues were highlighted by other Pakistanis who complained of several problems, reflecting on the inefficiency of the hotel management.

Sheikh stated that the objective of making the video was to call to the interest of the UK government authorities towards the conditions of the returning travellers, which he explained are unacceptable.

Unheard promises

He added that people residing at the quarantine facilities had paid a substantial sum for their quarantine living arrangements for ten days.

Another spokesperson for the quarantining families, Ghulam Sayyadain, said the hotel management has made numerous promises to families but are failing to provide the very basics – food and water – and neglecting the requirements of children.

“More promises and assurances are now being given via hotel security, but our plea needs to be heard. This can be a human rights crisis, and I hope our government pays attention,” he rued, highlighting the sufferings of British Pakistanis quarantining at the centre.

Describing the dire conditions since his arrival with another British Pakistanis family, Sayyadain said the issue was quite serious because Muslims wait for the Holy month of Ramadan the whole year.

Abdullah Inayat, who travelled from Lahore together with his family of five, including three children, complained about the substandard quality of the meals provided to the people there.

His three-year-old son had a round of food poisoning after eating a meal at the centre. He said: “My children were forced to consume cold food and was not facilitated at all.”

‘Stuffed in one single room like animals’

A family group of five residing in one room at another London facility told Geo. tv, so it was very hard for them to live in a crowded up room.

“We are stuffed in one single room like animals. We’ve paid a lot more than £3,500 and then quarantine, and we have been deprived of even the fundamental facilities. For a household of five to call home in a medium-sized room is unhygienic, and you can find dangers to [our] health,” among the members from Inayat’s family shared.

The UK government introduced new quarantine measures for international travellers to stop the spread of covid-19, with heavy penalties for many who do not comply.

From February 15, any UK residents returning to the UK having visited a country on the travel ban “red list” is likely to be required to buy a quarantine package.

‘Hotels obliged to meet people’s requirements’

On another hand, a spokesperson for the Department of Health & Social Care said: “Hotels providing managed quarantine facilities can accommodate a large proportion of people’s requirements and are obligated to supply guests with three meals per day, usage of WIFI, welfare and health support.”

Pakistan included in UK’s red-list

Pakistan was put on the list on April 2.

Bookings are created via a dedicated online portal and include assigned government transportation, food and drinks, accommodation in a government-approved facility, security, welfare, and testing. The charge for just one adult is £1750.

Beneath the new rules, all arrivals at English ports are expected to undertake two mandatory covid-19 tests on days 2 and 8 of their 10-day quarantine.

Anyone breaking the quarantine guidelines on arrival is liable for strict fines, including £5,000 to £10,000.


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