Canada has recorded the next case of rare but serious blood clotting associated with AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine, authorities established on Sunday.

Canadian authorities still suggest people have the vaccine jab.

The individual, who lived in the European province of Alberta and obtained a type of the AstraZeneca vaccine furnished by the Serum Institute of India, “has obtained therapy and is recovering,” Canadian wellness authorities wrote on Twitter.

Europe noted its first case of blood clotting connected with reduced platelets on Tuesday in a Quebec woman who obtained the same shot.

Blood clot formations connected with the AstraZeneca vaccine “remain very rare”, and Canada still believes that the vaccine’s benefits “outweigh the potential risks,” Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada said.

Canada’s health authorities added that they’d “continue to monitor the utilization of all #COVID19 vaccines closely and examine and assess any new safety concerns.”

By the end of March, Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) proposed suspending the usage of the AstraZeneca vaccine in people below the age of 55 while it considered the risks.

Nevertheless, Wellness Canada said Wednesday that, based on its evaluation, decreasing the vaccine usage to particular populations was not necessary for the moment.

Carrying out a slow start, Canada’s vaccine plan is gaining momentum. Currently, 23.3% of the Canadian citizenry has acquired one or more vaccine dose based on the Covid-19 Tracker Canada website.

The united states are facing the next coronavirus wave. However, that has recently forced provinces to tighten restrictions.

Ontario, which includes the greatest number of cases, announced Friday it would strengthen and extend lockdown measures until May 19 and close its borders with the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba beginning Monday.

Canada has recorded more than 1.1 million cases of Covid-19 significantly because of the start of the pandemic and substantially more than 23,500 deaths.


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